Kind Traveler Wants To Empower You To Do Good

“It’s not about saving the world, it’s about changing the way we live in the world.”

Richard Branson

Have you considered how your travels may be able to positively benefit local communities + the environment?

More than 1.2B trips were taken around the world last year.

That’s 1.2B opportunities for travelers to become a force for good.

Give + Get

Kind Traveler offers exclusive hotel rates + perks when you give a $10 nightly donation to charities that benefit the visiting destination, or to your charity of choice - 100% goes to charity.

You can also search for hotels based on their wellness, sustainability, and community impact initiatives.

Many hotels also offer perks like complimentary breakfast, activities, and other upgrades when you #TravelKindly.

Lastly, you’ll learn about the type of impact your donation will make in supporting local communities.

Let’s reinvent travel and create a kinder + more sustainable future together.

Discover inspiration to #TravelKindly:

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