Travel Kindly to a Tropical Nation

Ocean lovers will find paradise in the tropical nation of the Maldives, composed of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean.

Known for its beaches, blue lagoons + extensive reefs, the ocean will be your centerpiece.

Hurawalhi Island Resort

provides the ultimate home for Maldives exploration with modern over-water design and eco-consciousness for those that wish to #TravelKindly .

For 11 hours a day, 2,735 solar panels help power the resort.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Jacques Cousteau

Organic + biodynamic produce is grown in its hydroponic greenhouse.

Fresh water is derived from seawater from a local desalination plant greatly reducing plastic waste.

When you book Hurawalhi on Kind Traveler, you’ll help conservation efforts locally with Manta Trust Foundation.

With the largest brain of all fish, the intelligence and curiosity of manta and devil rays make them one of the most charismatic in the world. Unfortunately, target and by-catch fisheries have had devastating impacts on their populations, making them some of the most threatened fish in our seas.

With the Maldives containing the world’s largest population of mantas, Hurawalhi supports conservation efforts through its on-site marine biology center with Manta Trust Foundation.

Guests can take part in workshops or trips run by Hurawalhi’s marine biologist.

#TravelKindly to the Maldives with Kind Traveler, here.

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