World heritage site

Ssssshhht... Can you keep a secret? Yes? Then listen closely.

You can discover the most peaceful and beautiful islands and sea, North of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. It’s a Unesco world heritage site, because of the unique nature (the largest unbroken system of intertidal sand and mud flats in the world) Let me show you why I love it so much and why you really have to promise me to keep your lips sealed about this place, so it stays peaceful.

Camping this way is just <3.

And observing these fella’s is magical.

Shooting these kind of photogenic serene places makes me (and my son):

H A P P Y !

My friend Magda loves it too.

This truck will be your taxi to the Vliehors. It’s a cool experience.

There’s nothing better than taking off your shoes and walk around in mud.

Spoonbills, wild geese... All kind of birds can be watched.

A guide can tell you all about the unique flora and fauna.

Like ‘Red samphire’.

Fresher than fresh: Picking oysters and eating them right after. Yum.

Bikes are the way to move around on these car(e) free islands.

Or jump on a horse.

And last: The sunsets are stunning!

All these things and more are the reason Lonely planet has put the Dutch part of these islands (province ‘Friesland’) on their top 10 European places that let your mouth water. An honour but also a threat for the peace on the islands and sea. My advice to you when you visit the Wadden islands: please treat them with respect. Don’t leave trash, watch birds and other animals from a distance and be friendly to the inhabitants. And realize you’re living life to the fullest! Xxx Simone


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This is what the unspoiled Wadden islands do to me!

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