life on ice

Part 3/3. We reached our end goal. There is so much to say and at the same time there is so little to say about Antarctica. Life in Antarctica depends on ice. Loss of ice is a potential danger to the Antarctics wildlife population. Are we going to let that happen? I hope not. Oh, and, I wish I could show you all the photos.

Let’s make sure this penguin gets to keep his playground


Adélie penguins are the smallest and most widely distributed species of penguin in the Southern Ocean. And if you ask me, the funniest.

Chinstrap penguins give me happy vibes; it looks like they’re smiling!

Even if they are sleepy...

Or when they are arguing.

Penguin highway!

2°C. Yes, it’s cold



A few things: *I hope I could -even if it’s for 3 seconds- make you think about your actions in life and the impact it has on nature. *Oceanwide Expeditions provides lifechanging cruises *Huge thanks to Fjållråven for keeping me warm in the red jacket.

I try to minimize my use of plastic I have a vegan lifestyle and I would look forward to join the Tetiaroa Society to help preserve our beautiful world. I want to give back to nature. The delicate polar regions need us. #epiXtrip #antarctica

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  • richardbangs

    Oh, if we could only argue like penguins. Thank you. Where are you going next?

  • hoelahoep

    @richardbangs haha indeed!! Throwing snowballs at each other😉 I’m actually just leaving the plane in Tromsø, Norway! Hope to see aurora’s and orca’s!

  • hoelahoep

    @Steller yay thank you so much for republishing the magical Antarctica!

  • wulan_dewi_sunu

    @hoelahoep I can’t imagine how cold it is 😣. But it’s very beautiful btw 😉🙏

  • simone_wit

    Hiiii. Wat een geweldige reis was dat! Begrijp ik t goed dat je weer aan t pakken bent voor een nieuw avontuur?

  • hoelahoep

    @wulan_dewi_sunu it is beautiful and it is absolutely not as cold as you might think! The water is, though😉

  • hoelahoep

    @simone_wit ja echt geweldig, kon ook echt heel moeilijk kiezen tussen al m’n foto’s😂 jaaa ik ben in Tromsø nu! Hopelijk het noorderlicht zien en met orka’s zwemmen😱

  • kerrieturcic

    Great story!!!

  • hoelahoep

    @kerrieturcic thanks so much!☺️


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