Lake O’Hara

Western Canada’s best-kept secret

You’ve Heard of Lake Louise.

You’ve also heard of Moraine Lake. Imagine those places without hordes of tourists. That will give you an idea of the incredible beauty at Lake O’Hara, located in Yoho National Park.

Parks Canada does an amazing job limiting the number of tourists to this pristine spot. There are 3 options to get here: 1. Reserve a spot on the day bus: this requires a lot of luck, as Parks Canada only allows 25 day trippers per day over the summer. Reservations for the year are full just minutes after opening. 2. Reserve a spot at the campsite: you are guaranteed a bus ride in/out if you manage to snag a campsite. Again, reservations are full soon after opening! 3. Stay at the 5-Star Lake O’hara Lodge: at over $700 per night, this is the most expensive option.

We were able to reserve a spot on the 8:30am bus. There are a variety of hiking trails available. We went with the trail to Lake Oesa.

Lake O’Hara to Lake Oesa Trail

One of the most immaculate trail systems in the world.

After a stunning couple hours on the trail, we reached Lake Oesa.

Instead of turning around and going back the way we came, we made our way over to the Yukness Ledges trail.

The views from up here were breathtaking.

Near the end of the Yukness Ledges Trail. A right at this lake leads back to O’Hara, but we took a quick detour to the left to catch one more lake.

Time to go back to Lake O’Hara

Nothing quite like strolling through the woods and hearing the subdued rumblings of a nearby stream.

It’s easy to see why reservations for the campsite and bus fill up so fast. Lake O’Hara and its trails are the most beautiful alpine environment I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for reading our final #epixtrip entry! To make a reservation for the Lake O’Hara bus, head over to Parks Canada. For our Canadian adventure, we kept coming back to one resource, and I can not recommend it enough. Check out this blog for detailed guides on the best sites, sounds, & hikes. We don’t know her personally, but Courtny and I have used her site for multiple trips:

Photos and Videos: Phil Navatsyk Courtny Jodon

Instagram: @philnavatsykphoto

  • richardbangs

    so pristine! can you get there in winter?

  • BucketListers

    @richardbangs you can, but you’ll have an 11km fire road to either snowshoe or cross country ski on to get there. But reservations at the lodge are certainly more available that time of year!

  • RE_Adventures

    @RE_Adventures makes an appearance! 😂 Phil, your photography and videos really turned out great to capture the beauty of Lake O'Hara. I feel like I'm reliving it. So happy the four of us had the luck of getting permits!

  • BucketListers

    @RE_Adventures I didn’t realize you guys had an account on here! And thank you! Ryan with the most clutch use of phone data in history haha

  • BucketListers

    @RE_Adventures I went to go like your story and it looks like Tingle already took care of it 😉

  • RE_Adventures

    Ha! Both Ryans for the win!