Walking in Heaven

Our trip would take 30 hours- door to door. We would drive for 14 of those hours, sleep for 4 and climb for the remainder. Winter was just around the corner- we knew that if we were going to be able to climb at all this year, this was our window to attempt it.

We hiked through the night. Cold and wind blown, the sun started to rise as we made the ridge. The winds picked up- they seemed angry- reluctant to wake up. I could relate. Will said he couldn’t feel his fingers or toes.

So we kept moving, forcing our solidifying and lethargic blood to move through our ever freezing bodies. We begged the sun to rise faster. And when it finally did, it was magic.

We scrambled toward the summit, toward warmth and toward our objective. Though- our real objective was to return safely to the car.

The climb down was far more exhausting, filled with the ever present falling of rock and scree. But- after a lifetime of climbing, we made it safely out of the danger. We rewarded ourselves with a long, cool drink and began the 7 hour drive home. #epixtrip