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The Falkland Islands was the first part of my trip down south, with the end goal being Antarctica Expect to see lots of birds. And penguins. Carcass and Saunders Islands. #epixtrip #falklands #falklandislands #penguins #birds


“Hey! I’m over here!”

One thing to mention is that, if you’re visiting the Falkland Islands as part of an expedition cruise, you will probably have to walk as a group with the expedition team. Just walk and enjoy where the guides will take you! Of course you can also visit the islands by yourself, to be able to take your time to explore more - but I don’t have any experience with that.

Mind your step! Magellanic penguins build their nests in holes under the ground. Can you spot her?

Nope. This is not a tropical island!

Don’t forget to drink a cup of coffee or tea with delicious fresh baked cookies and cakes at the settlement on Carcass Island! How cute is this mug?!

Rockhopper penguin: the name says it all. They are amazing at hopping rocks!


Black-browed albatross. You can find a big nesting colony of these birds situated on a hill. Keep watching, there’s some footage in a video later!

“Come honey, it’s alright”

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.”

Moslih Eddin Saadi

Little bit of moving footage.

The Falkland Islands can be visited by itself, or as part of a trip to the South Pole. Various expedition companies are offering cruises. I embarked on the M/V Plancius, and can highly recommend the ship. The whole staff was great. Sweet and caring people, and the food was amazing! Check www.oceanwide-expeditions.com for more information.


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  • simone_wit

    Mooie en ook grappige story Mikkie! Leuk om te doen he? Ik ga m delen. 👋🏻

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    @simone_wit Ja echt superleuk!!! Had dit veel eerder moeten doen! Dankjewel😍

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    Ah @Steller thank you so much for republishing my story! ♥️

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    @hoelahoep je mag er gewoon mee doorgaan hoor! Gaan we samen verhalen vertellen ☺️

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    @simone_wit Hahaha ja goed plan!! 🤗

  • richardbangs

    love your talking penguins. Have you also been to Antarctica?

  • hoelahoep

    @richardbangs cute huh ♥️ Yes, I’ve been to Antarctica! That story is coming up tomorrow hopefully!

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    Leuk dit he!!!??

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    @karen_claudia_ ja superleuk! Ik had dit al eeuwen op m’n telefoon staan maar nooit iets mee gedaan. Ik wilde al eeuwen foto’s van deze trip uitzoeken dus dit was een mooie gelegenheid daarvoor haha!

  • AndreaGulickx

    Mooie story geweldige plek


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