A Fall Spectacle

In New Hampshire

Mesmerizing fall colors fill the trees through out the country creating scenery unlike any other through the winding roads of mountain ranges and forests. Yes, there are many places that display the fall spectacle, but year after year New England dominates the scene.

The best time of the year to go leaf peeping for peak foliage is within the first two weeks of October through out New Hampshire and the White Mountains where you will be awarded with incredible colors

The White Mountains in New Hampshire are the best spot of all to find peak foliage. The mountains display thousands of colors from greens to reds and yellows to pinks

The best way to experience the colors is by hiking one of the many paths to the mountain tops

A ride through the Kancamagus Highway will have your jaw dropping

The famous hairpin curve is not only fun to drive, but displays the best foliage on the road

Nearby Eaton has some of the best fall views of the Little White Church and the aptly named Crystal Lake

The little white church across the lake steals the show

While peak foliage may no longer be in full swing, these mesmerizing colors should have you start planning for next year

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  • mombo

    I went to school in New England and miss the beautiful fall colors..... thx for sharing

  • EGtrotters

    They’re incredible for sure!!! @mombo

  • richardbangs

    this is jawdroping! how did you find all these amazing places without crowds?

  • EGtrotters

    @richardbangs a lot of research and hard work!!!


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