A photographers dream

“Iceland is a photographers dream.” I had heard that for years. And after years of debating if I should go or not, I decided it was time for me to experience that dream with a 10 day trip to Iceland.

By the first day, I understood why it was called a dream. Everywhere you step, there’s beautiful waterfalls, mountains, and seascapes.

The scale and grandeur of some of the places really took my breath away. It’s not until you’re there in person, that it’s all put into perspective.

We spent the entire 10 days driving around Iceland in an RV, and I seriously couldn’t recommend it enough. It brought us to some beautiful places that you wouldn’t be able to reach if you weren’t on the road every day.

And of course the Icelandic horses were as photogenic as ever!

But for me, one of the most wild parts of the entire trip was how vastly different the country was. Between giant waterfalls, glacier lagoons, and autumn forests, the variety is insane. If you’re coming here as a photographer, you’ll never get bored.

There was still one thing I wanted to see in Iceland that I hadn’t seen yet though. The Northern Lights. Luckily by the 8th day, the Aurora forecast was projecting an 8/10 in our location for potential Aurora brightness.

The funny thing is, I still wasn’t prepared at all when it happened. We were just sitting in a parking lot in our van waiting, when the sky exploded with a light show I still haven’t found the words to describe.

Looking back on the photos now, I really do see why people call it a dream. Iceland offers more than you could ever imagine.

Seriously, it’s pure magic.

How do you even wrap up a trip like that? I’m still kind of in a daze that it all happened. It was such a memorable, exciting experience and I couldn’t recommend Iceland enough to anyone looking for the adventure of a lifetime and a chance to see some things very few people have seen before. It’s a dream come true.

Oh, and the flight home was one of a kind as well.

So thank you Iceland for an #epixtrip I will definitely be back very soon. Please check out my website for more photos, stories, and everything else if you enjoyed this, and thank you for making it to the end!

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