Harlan Explores a Gold Rush Homestead

A field trip to an archeological site

It’s not every day a homeschooled child can have a field trip in his grandmother’s front yard. Harlan has always loved history and museums. He loves digging and exploring. Before the new highway is built this section of Gold Rush homesteads is being investigated. The team of archeologists showed him their work.

Pits are carefully dug to reveal artifacts or evidence.

Dirt is sifted.

Small items are significant...

like this stylus from a school slate.

And some are mysterious, like this round rock.

These archeologist’s tools are for delicate work.

Some tools are heavier.

The next week an excavator came in for deeper digging. Harlan hoped more artifacts were revealed. We went to see.

There was a pit with an ax, saws, and a wood stove.

Ceramic and glass shards held clues with lettering and rims.

Dirt was sifted and small treasures were found:

a glass stopper,

a marble,

a doll’s leg,

a pipe,

and a horseshoe.

The archeologists were glad to satisfy Harlan’s interest.

Perhaps we have a future archeologist.

All photos taken with an iPhone XS. By Granny Janet