@Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, NL


#dutchdesignweek in Eindhoven I went one day with the boys And one day with my good friend Design • Fashion • Innovation • Circularity • Joy • Interior • Furniture • Home • Technology ⚡️💕⚡️

Don’t miss the video On the N E X T page 💡⏩

A very innovative Soundsystem

Hi there! Right ~ Ida Left ~ Me

It was so much that I couldn’t catch it all in one album So I think another one will be coming soon ;-) If you have the chance to go this weekend....GO!!! If not...plan a trip to Eindhoven for next year ;-)

Thank you!

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  • simone_wit

    Cooool! Ik wilde dit jaar overslaan maar ik vrees dat dat niet gaat lukken als ik dit zo zie. Wat vond je t mooiste of was t fotogeniekste???

  • danielle_v_b

    @simone sorry 😆🤪 Jij krijgt alles mooi op de foto denk ik :-) Ik vond de kazerne erg fotogeniek (maar kende het meeste daar al wel) Plan b was nieuw voor mij en erg leuk. Campina ook super en fotogeniek.

  • mombo

    So cool

  • richardbangs

    I would so love to go. did you know that airbnb birthed from design schoolers?

  • B__xy


  • danielle_v_b

    @richardbangs sorry for my late reply, but no O didn’t know that....but it doesn’t surprise me ;-)

  • danielle_v_b

    @B__xy Bernard that is so cool that you published my story in your collection! Many thanx 💕

  • B__xy

    @danielle_v_b Always a pleasure, Danielle!