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I was recently approached to do a job unlike any other! You see, ordinarily I work with tourism boards and brands, but for this job a trio of passionate tourism operators banded together to hire me! Bathurst Tours, Mayfield Garden & Jenolan Caves. I was on an adventure!

My first stop was the Mayfield Garden! The Garden is located smack bang between Bathurst and Oberon in country New South Wales. Roughly 3 1/2 hours drive from Sydney via the Blue Mountains. 💁🏼‍♀️💜

The Mayfield Garden is also likely a little different to other gardens you’ve seen... there are 180 ACRES of it! Mayfield Garden was originally started as a personal project by the owner, but has been open to the public for about four years!

And, apart from being an absolutely exquisite garden, the Mayfield Garden also hosts four major festivals a year. (Spring and Autumn are the biggest but Summer and Winter are awesome too). During these festivals the owner opens parts of his private garden to the public, including the maze! On site there’s also the best cafe and seasonal “glamping”.

Throughout my three nights at the Mayfield Garden I was also hosted by the delightful Ian from Bathurst Tours and Detour Adventures. He runs tours in the area, including an exclusive Mayfield Garden Tour.

Ian took me for an adventure to the Kanangra Boyd National Park and also took me to ...

... The Jenolan Caves! 😱😱😱

So, that’s how I came to be on an unexpected adventure in a part of Australia I’ve never been to before. Here’s the operators if you want to check them out... https://mayfieldgarden.com.au http://bathurstonedaytours.com.au/mobile/ https://m.jenolancaves.org.au


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  • leehorbachewski

    Might just have to check this out while I’m here.

  • laurenepbath

    @leehorbachewski oh you’ll love it! Reach out to Ian if you want a tour because he is excellent, such a delightful man! And the Jenolan Caves are well worth a look too! 😍

  • leehorbachewski

    Well I’m here, booked the Glamping tent. Sadly there’s no access before public hours like it said on the website. So no nice sunset or sunrise photos 😞

  • coppernotes

    What an incredible place! And the scale of it... wonderful photos 🙌🏻

  • PhotoJBartlett

    I'm just picturing you lost in a maze, for hours and hours 😊

  • laurenepbath

    @leehorbachewski the marketing team work on site so ask to chat to Domino and see what she says. They’re very accommodating :)

  • laurenepbath

    @copperline thanks so much! It’s a huge place!

  • laurenepbath

    @PhotoJBartlett it was more like twenty minutes thank you very much! 😂

  • sourabhi

    Stunning visuals! And the contrasts really come alive, amazing job done!

  • laurenepbath

    @sourabhi thanks so much :)

  • finknottle

    What a unlikely place 🌸🏵️🌹🌷🌳🌲


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