Kamloops 3.0


As I reflect back at this past weekend I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing group of ladies and even more grateful for Jenny and Lindsay for getting me to go to this getaway.

I have had a very hard year and just recently diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I took it very hard as it made me feel weak, and vulnerable and that is not who I am, but I am learning it's ok and not to be so hard on myself, but man as you may know that is so hard.

So we began our journy from Kelowna to Kamloops

we had a few drinks, dinner, fire and some girls had a hot tub. We all started bonding right away sharing stories and how some of us knew each other from past getaways.

Saturday morning we woke up to total fog! but man was it beautiful!! we took some pictures, had some coffee then started out on our way to the salmon run!

so this salamon run!! I had no idea it was so amazing, we show up to this place and it's a full on event. People telling you where to park, food vendors and volunteers everywhere! it was amazing!!

we returned to the cabin and it was so beautiful on the dock we brought our chairs and drinks.

I made homemade hamburgers for everyone for dinner and they didnt turn out the greatest, but everyone enjoyed them (I think lol). then we retired buy the fire and others in the hot tub.

as I reflected on this past weekend I learnt so many people have their struggles and demons and it's ok not to be ok, you need to embrace it and enjoy the ride cause it's your journey and you are going to come out of this stronger, healthier and with some pretty amazing people who are backing you up. I am so lucky to have met the most amazing women on these getaways and have made amazing friendships. I am so proud of the community Women Who Explore has created and a safe place for women to share and be yourself. So thank you to everyone and if you have been thinking of joining a getaway just do it, I promise you wont regret it

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