September is the month when you chase all the sunshine that appears in the sky, because you know that, soon, this sunshine isn’t going to be around as much. It’s the month when the stove gets lit - a new thing for us since we moved. It’s the month when we lose our evening walks, because it starts getting dark earlier. And it’s the month when you start planning your autumn/winter snuggling schedule. Obviously.


what was I saying about chasing all the sunshine?

days like this... our favourite days.

Ravensheugh Sands, a favourite beach.

the joy of beach running, right?



#dogsofsteller #stelleruk

shot on iPhone.

  • simone_wit

    I’m in love with Harris!

  • copperline

    @simone_wit 🤗 you and me both! 💞 This is always my fave story to do - only to edit, clearly, as Harris chooses the photos and writes his own text...

  • simone_wit

    @copperline so talented, your Harris... hope he reads my loveletters too 😂

  • copperline

    Thanks for the shares! @Steller@jordanfoy ⭐️

  • thornee

    That's some island pure joy 🙏⭐️😎

  • rg117

    Great story for Harris...and Bracken too!

  • copperline

    Thank you @rg117 🙏🏻 There are never as many photos of Bracken as he isn’t as willing to be photographed as Harris - and I only take photos when Bracken’s okay with it. He has to let me know. So, fewer photos... but always glad when I get a few!

  • kapowder

    Hullo Harris! I’m traveling to Scotland for my very first time ever on Friday! What is your very favorite place?

  • copperline

    @kapowder hello Lexi! 👋🏻 Harris here. Well now, this is a very good question. I am a beach pup so my favourite places are always coastal. My very favourite place isn’t the most ‘wow’ place - it’s our most regular beach called Yellowcraig. It’s down the east coast from where we live, and is a mix of woodland, grassland and beach walk, with a fantastic long beach. Because we know it well, it’s my favourite place. But if we fancy an adventure, we’ll go further down the coast to Ravensheugh beach...

  • copperline

    @kapowder .. an *amazing* long beach with a walk through ancient woodland. Or we’ll drive to Fife and go to Tentsmuir Nature Reserve - an *amazing* forest walk (this really is a favourite) with a long epic long beach. So my favourite place isn’t the most epic place, but it’s still pretty dramatic and special. ☺️ Thank you for sharing this story! ✨

  • kapowder

    Ohhh thank you Harris! I’ll hope my friends will be amiable to a nice stroll on your favorite haunting grounds.

  • copperline

    @kapowder enjoy! 🤗 Hope the weather is kind and you have some amazing walks ✨