A 3-Day Backpacking Adventure in the Sonoran Desert March 8-10, 2019

Superstition Wilderness Getaway

Explore the beauty of the Arizona desert as you form new bonds with women just like you!

On the first day, meet your guide then head to the Superstition Mountains trailhead.

Hike in the solitude of the desert. You’ll witness an unreal sunset, then dine under a blanket of stars.

Winter in the desert is warm, lush, and serene.

On day 2, as you hike a remote region of the desert, watch for wildlife among the giant saguaro cacti.

At night, share stories from the day’s hike with your new friends at camp.

On the last day, hike to Miner’s Needle, a monumental rock spire left over from when this region was just a massive chain of volcanoes and cinder cones.

Today, you leave the wilderness, but take a feeling of accomplishment and adventure with you.

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