There is always something happening You never know what’s coming next So for #FabChange70 I give you ... 🎺 70 days in the life of #MatExp Organic. Unfolding as we go ... And for the overall highlights ... Here’s a summary by Flo. 😀 🍋🍋🍋

Here is the link to the blog I wrote at the beginning of the series. What I was intending to do. 🤓 It ... kind of morphed 👉🏼 into more of a ‘70 days in the life of #MatExp’. 🤪

Day 1. How else to start the #MatExp celebration series for #FabChange70 than #StopNCelebrate! 🥂 🍋🍋🍋

Day 2: Another direct outcome from the Warwick hospital session: linking up with fab Nicola Enoch who founded ‘Positive about Downs’. ⏩ ⏩ Mums of babies with Down Syndrome invited to have a voice at #WhoseShoes workshops across the country. ✅

Day 4: Did someone mention language?! 🍋 Let’s end disrespectful/ undermining/ over-medicalised language!

Day 6: #NobodysPatient A project with @NHSEngland, developing new #WhoseShoes scenarios and poems exploring 3 areas where families all too often fall through gaps in services.

Day 7: Fab paediatrician @JoanneMinford is leading a project using the #NobodysPatient #WhoseShoes resources to redesign neonatal care pathways across Alder Hey Children’s hospital and Liverpool Women’s hospital.

Day 8: Passion ➕ action focus! Meet Helen @HeartMummy. One of our 1st #MatExp #JFDI Mums, proving anyone can do anything. 💥

Day 9: Poems! A vital part of #MatExp Whose Shoes. Helen Calvert: ”So often we're persuaded we're not best for our sick children.” 😰

Day 10: Paper chains. #MatExp #WhoseShoes connects the good stuff and the good people. Linking across networks; no more silos! #ConnectingForGood 💜🔃

Day 11: Celebrating the variety and depth of #MatExp #leadership. Flo wrote about this: #NoHierarchyJustPeople

Day 12: Storytelling: We use videos, @StellerStories and lots of other ways to connect, inspire & build energy.💥 Here is the link to our #MatExp #WhoseShoes #Steller stories.

Day 13: Action !💥🚀 Lots of write ups of the fantastic actions that have happened as a result of #MatExp #WhoseShoes sessions. One of my faves is this ‘one year on’ report from Kings College NHS.

Day 14: Having a voice! At the first King’s College Whose Shoes workshop, Michelle Quashie pledged to run a ‘Women’s Voices’ conference. ⏩ It led to #WomensVoices16 💥 ⏩ And #WomensVoices17 💥

Day 15: Pledges! So powerful 💥 Tapping into people’s passions. What is it YOU want to change? 🤔 ... and what is stopping you?? 💥🍋💡🍋💥

Day 16: The famous #MatExp #WhoseShoes bake off! 🍋🍋🍋

Day 17: #HelloMyNameIs People enjoy & learn from our #HelloMyNameIs poem. @East Kent Hospital & others have been inspired to introduce the badges, thanks to a pledge from Ciaran Crowe. 👍🏼

Day18: #MatExp is organic!! 🌱🌴🌳

Day 19: #EmMVP London Ambulance Service 🚑 Amazing! Using Whose Shoes to explore the role of emergency services in maternity care.

Day 20 #IrishMatExp Huge privilege to take Whose Shoes to Galway – very inclusive. The little ones enjoyed it too! 💜👶🏼💜 🇮🇪

Day 21: Graphic recording Go Anna, New Possibilities! A very important part of the formula!

‪Day 22: ‬Authenticity. All #WhoseShoes scenarios and poems are crowdsourced voices of real people.

‪Day 23: ‬ Being human. Bringing your whole self to work.

‪Day 24: 10 years anniversary (today) of Whose Shoes! 🥂 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂

‪Day 25: ‬It has all happened through social media - and specifically Twitter!

‪Day 26: ‬ Case studies. 10 #MatExp case studies 10 #NobodysPatient case studies 10 #MindNBody case studies (coming soon)

‪Day 27: ‬ Pushing the boundaries and breaking down stereotypes. #FabObs Flo attends a home birth! 👶🏼

‪Day 28: ‬ Listening. Really listening.

‪Day 29: ‬ Producing and sharing resources ... and celebrating. 💜 Was very honoured to attend Premiere of the Perinatal positivity film!

‪Day 30: ‬ Talking about the elephant in the room... 🤔 Why didn’t NHS England embrace the collaborative energy of #MatExp the Musical, so we can all build together?

‪Day 31: ‬ Graffiti boards and other more imaginative styles of feedback.

‪Day 32: ‬ Our #MatExp website! And, don’t hold your breath, but I have a plan to update the Whose Shoes website too! 👀

‪Day 33: ‬ Music! 🎶 Claire Flower tells us why music is so important! Congrats on the PhD, Claire! 👩‍🎓

‪Day 34: ‬#SkintoSkin - Fabulous global campaign by the inimitable Jenny the Midwife! @JennytheM 💜👶🏼💜

‪Day 35: ‬ #MatExp the Musical - one year ago today! 😍

‪Day 36: ‬ #MindNBody. Huge interest in our new #MatExp Whose Shoes project: a holistic approach to perinatal mental health. Will be launched in December! 😀

‪Day 37: ‬Lemons! This Steller story got 40,000 views in the first three days! 🍋🍋🍋

Day 38: ‬ Lemon lightbulbs! LOADs of #FabChange70 style examples of people doing excellent stuff, inspired by #MatExp community!

‪Day 39: ‬No one should say #IamJustA (anything) ‼️ #MatExp

‪Day 40: ‬Data. ”Things known or assumed as facts,” 📈📊📉 And using data responsibly. 🤔

‪Day 41: ‬ Whose Shoes workshops. Inclusive. Listening. Empowering. Action-focused.

‪Day 42: ‬ Focusing on both baby AND mother.

‪Day 43: Partners! ‬ Lots of Whose Shoes scenarios exploring how we can better support Dads. And telling people about great resources such as DadPad.

‪Day 44: ‬Collaboration. “Our search for #JFDI people continues ...” 😉

Day 45: Empathy 👟 👟 Proud of the ‘in their shoes’ film we made as part of our original #MatExp collaboration with the London Clinical Network - it has 9000 views.

Day 46: 23 September - Two years today since our incredibly moving Whose Shoes session at St George’s.

Day 47: Real change ! I was originally planning to have a page each for the 20 #FabChange70-style case studies that we have produced! (Another 10 coming soon! #MindNBody). No room! 😱

Day 48: #MatExp mantra!

Day 49: #FabObs Flo’s famous lithotomy challenge 😬

Day 50: Following up Good to see the Black Country sharing some of their Whose Shoes pledges and how they have been followed up.

Day 51: Simple things count! 👍🏼 Flo and I were honoured to give talks in London & Leeds for @PickerEurope on #MatExp, focusing on simple, transferable good practice. Here are our slides.

Day 52: Careful preparation! 😇 Hats off to Melissa – who put loads of energy into organising her first #MatExp Whose Shoes event at Lister Hospital.

53: Appreciation 💜 I absolutely love presenting fab people with the coveted #MatExp sash 😍

Day 54: Shoes It is important to tap into human factors – and unsurprisingly a big one is Shoes! 😀 👠 👠 !

Day 55: Maternity Voices Partnerships Delighted to see the progress and that some MVPs (eg Cornwall) have sprung up directly from our #MatExp Whose Shoes workshops. 💜 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Day 56: Continuity of carer Excellent more and more trusts are using Whose Shoes to explore this important but tricky topic. One of the key themes of Better Births.

Day 57: Events On #NationalPoetryDay, Katie Eaves ran her innovative IVF study day in Brighton. Here’s a preview of Katie’s powerful poem for #MindNBody. TY!

Day 58: Maternity education. We are thrilled Andrea Sutcliffe announced as new CEO of the NMC.

Day 59: Speakers #MatExp gang popping up everywhere as speakers at local, regional & national events. Sometimes International. 👍🏼

Anyone can be a great international speaker if you are passionate enough and speak from the heart!

Day 60: Influence I was amazed to come out recently as the third most influential person at the RCM conference. I am not a midwife. I was not even there. #MatExp is being heard! 💜

Day 61: Kindness Jenny kindly sent me the ‘shoe cutter’ after our Whose Shoes workshop in Stevenage so I can make shoe biscuits too! 🍪 🍪 🍪

Day 62: Hampers - By By Your Side. Kindness in action! To give mums a boost as they go home after staying in a Mum and Baby Unit 💜 (MBUs help mums with serious perinatal mental health problems)..

Day 63: ‪ #WorldMentalHealthDay‬ Fantastic opportunity to get the West Midlands perinatal mental health network to explore new #MindNBody #WhoseShoes scenarios in Birmingham! They LOVED the poems.

Day 64: Young parents Hoping to build on the Whose Shoes work we have done with young parents in Leeds – Forward Thinking Birmingham are very keen. 👍🏼

Day 65: Smoking in pregnancy Exploring WHY women smoke during pregnancy, understanding their lives and realistic ways to support them to reduce or quit. Love the bespoke work we are doing here with Lewisham and Greenwich!

Day 66: Operating theatres. Whose Shoes is a great way of getting people thinking about what they have always done and bringing about culture change. Innovative bespoke work here with Kingston Hospital.

Day 67: Patient safety. Good maternity experience is an important part of patient safety, not a ‘nice to have’ add on.

‪Day 68: Global links. Huge honour for Leigh and me to co-present with fab team from Nigeria at international Quality & Safety Forum.

Day 69: Uganda I am proud to support Alice Ladur, using Whose Shoes with men in Uganda, as part of her PhD project at Bournemouth University, to bring about culture change and save lives.

Day 70: #MatExp 4th birthday AND the start of the 🍋official🍋 #FabChange70! Sending greetings from our #NUHWhoseShoes event in Nottingham. 🎶 💕 🎶 Unfortunately Steller Stories only include 15 seconds - you miss the huge applause at the end!!! 😂

#MatExp. Join us! 😘