No Palm trees Here.

Vermont Where the biggest bon fires on earth burn the days dirt from our skin. Soothe the restless Spirits that winters ice keeps. Vermont Is easier to love in memory or photography. The living is hard.

Vermont loves Dogs VT Dogs love back But Seems all us people cant keep up Like our good Dogs

Vermont. The place that fools go, to leave their families & start new ones. Yuppies move here. They buy boats, & Alpaca boots. They Hire people to do. Everything. They wear Northface. They don’t no where north is with out a phone. There is no callous on Fools hands.

There are those who can choose. Choose to live here. Then there are those who cant I had no choosing I live here. Its a hard cold place. I drink a lot of tequila. One day I’ll choose Mexico.

There is no thick skin in paradise Vermont Is only beautiful to those who can afford the luxury of time The kinda time when rush hour Is not full of fear if your late n you lose it all once you get there

Social beings. Winter would be a reason for inching closer to another. Its difficult though. So heavy. So wired. Seeking warmth. Picky piglets cannot fly.

Whats a dream feel like? I want to put my hand on my dream and feel that. Feel a dream for real.

I PRAY #epiXtrip

Humans will never be wise, or understand Natures Winning Always

In places offering rest, the earth grows on through. Proving that we just dont dare... To sit here.

Our trees are strong. Breif is our visit with our Sun. We dig. We scrape. We Search. For one more memory to make.

Status & Trivia do not keep us on the road. We keep on Just keep on ..we know nothing. We just get things done.

To Yamaha. Kawasaki. To Honda and Snap On.

One down. Four Up.

Summers gone on again. Away with my best friend , his end. Winters Grit I dread. The surface of the sun. Is my Place. Night n her stars are my mates.

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  • richardbangs

    wow...what brand of tequila do you prefer?

  • ladybarber

    Cuz im not tryin.. and the Federalis they not buyin.. i go with what works. Cuervo works. And i dont try n fix or make that shoe better. Like all the others who got good but want better. Thank you for the follow ? Richard Bangs, chitty chitty funny b ang bang


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