We are excited to introduce you to our official Steller People ambassadors! In this story, there are faces you know, and faces you’ll get to know. Stop by their profiles and say hello to our amazing ambassadors!

Say hello to @laurenepbath, Australian Photographer and travel expert!

Say hello to @saradeluigi, tireless dreamer and lover of life.

Say hello to @PowderMatt, skier and outdoor adventurer!

Say hello to @simone_wit and explore island life with her!

Say hello to @maxlazzi, Italian explorer, from the forest floors to the tops of peaks.

Say hello to @lionheaded, Austrian fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Say hello to @jontaylorsweet, West Coast commercial and wedding photographer.

Say hello to @jewelszee, lifetime tourist and self-taught photo maker!

Say hello to @PhotoJBartlett, filmmaker and writer based in the Rockies.

Say hello to @copperline (and doggo Harris), Scottish journalist, blogger and adventurer!

Say hello to @DeeLestari, author, singer-songwriter and professional daydreamer!

Say hello to @thefella, travel photographer with 70+ countries under his belt!

Say hello to @chrisbelcina, adventure photographer and moment-catcher.

Say hello to @andyaustinphoto, full-time photographer and a night-sky legend!

Say hello to @adingattamimi, luxury adventurer who stays at the best hotels you’ve ever seen!

Thank you to our Steller People, and everyone in our community for supporting Steller. We’ll be back with another update story soon!

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