In 10 days


Day 1-4 Morocco was like a beautiful dream, finally coming true! We kicked off our 10 day moroccan roadtrip with 3 nights in Marrakech.

For 3 nights we stayed in an amazing little Airbnb oasis, called La Maison. After a day spent waving through Marrakech’s labyrint of souks, this Riad was the perfect, peaceful hideaway.

Ever tasted traditional moroccan mint-tea? Everytime I taste or even smell mint it takes me straight back to Morocco!

Day 4-6 After 3 amazing days in Marrakech we continued our roadtrip to the Agafay Desert. We stayed at Scarabeo Camp, who takes the concept of glamping to a whole new level.

Everywhere we went, moroccan food was just delicious!

Day 6-8 Then we continued our trip to the magnificent Atlas Mountains, where we stayed at Kasbah Bab Ourika for 2 nights.

Quick detour on our way to The Atlas.. In Morocco it’s always tea time!

Day 8-10 Last but not least, we finished our roadtrip with two magical days in Chefchaouen - also known as The Blue Pearl 💙✨

It is painfully impossible to sum up this trip in a few words and photos, but I hope I did it some justice! Quite honestly, this was one of my all time favourite journeys. Until next time Morocco! #EpiXtrip

All photos by: Theresa Torp | @TheresaTorp

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