Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

🕷 Halloween is just around the corner which means it’s time to start thinking about creating spooky treats! Try these decadent dark chocolate Halloween cupcakes with a luxurious chocolate and mascarpone frosting to make any Halloween party fun, creepy & delicious! 🕷

🕷CUPCAKES🕷 🕷200g butter 🕷200g dark chocolate 🕷100ml water 🕷200g light brown sugar 🕷2 large eggs 🕷1 teaspoon vanilla extract 🕷250g self-raising flour 🕷1/4 teaspoon black food colour paste (optional) 🕷Modelling Paste for decorations 🕷Halloween sprinkles for inside the cupcakes

🕷FROSTING🕷 🕷200g dark chocolate 🕷60g butter, room temperature 🕷250g mascarpone 🕷200g icing sugar 🕷1/4 teaspoon black food colour paste (optional)

Halloween Cupcakes

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