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On a small heart shaped island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in Fiji, I got to enjoy a fun filled week with family, friends, fun and sun! The small resort is known for its incredible surf, but underneath the surface there is magical sea life and wonderful nature to explore.

BULA VIBES. Everyday. That's the Fijian way.

People come here for the surf.. and there are still plenty of empty lineups:)

Not every wave is for someone!

But there are a ton of waves for everyone!

The island is protected by an ancient Tabu (pronounced 'tam-boo') meaning it's a no take zone. Traditional tabu areas hold an important role in fishing conservation in Fiji. In many villages, tabus have become the basis of more modern approaches to conservation, including establishing marine protected areas.

That makes it a great place for nature lovers as well. Whales came to say hi:) My spirit animal.❤️

The banded sea krait likes to come on land at night to rest. Although they are one of the most venomous snakes in the world, they just wanna chill!

Tavarua started a giant clam restoration project a few years ago, now there are more than 30 clams living on the reef, with many more babies to be released from their safe cages soon.

Baby clams waiting to get strong enough to be released into cages in the ocean.

Conservation allows the next generation to enjoy everything we love so much!

Last but not least. The Fijian people! They make everything so special. You will never find more kind, fun-loving, sweet souls anywhere else in the world!

Bula vinaka! Follow more of my adventures on instagram @juliamancuso To visit Tavarua for your dream vacation go to www.tavarua.com It's an easy direct flight from SFO or LAX on Fiji Airways:) #action #fiji #adventure #surf

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  • petebryant

    Incredible, at all levels...oh and the people!! Thank you for posting and welcome to your new home at Steller!!

  • mombo

    Super awesome

  • scottg

    I love the picture with the snake! Great story!!

  • kerrieturcic

    Cool surfing shots! @jordanfoy

  • leehorbachewski

    Thanks for showing me a part of Fiji I didn’t know. My husband and I met in Fiji, so it will always have a special place in my heart. Maybe this beautiful place will be part of our 25 year anniversary trip to Fiji in two years. Thank you for sharing!

  • richardbangs

    Holy krait! How did you avoid the snake?


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