While relearning to enjoy what is behind me

Moving Forward

It had been a rough couple years, and then I lost my Dad. My life was flipped upside down and I was determined to prove I was ok..... I wasn’t. One of my new challenges was being around people. Even those I was used to being around brought on anxiety. Randomly I came across a group of strangers..... a challenge to get back to being me.... My introduction to Women Who Explore

That calm, happy face with the plaid sweater was not the case 24 hours before this. I was terrified and wondering if I made a mistake signing up for this Women Who Explore getaway. I was running late and did not know anyone else going. I was met in the driveway and handed a glass of prosecco.... ‘OK.... I can do this, mmm prosecco!’

The group of us on this getaway were so different, the original trip was to Waterton. Unfortunately due to wildfires this was not an option so we were the group to decide to make the best of it in a new location. This amazing hike was one of the things we decided on. With Abraham Lake in the background and these awesome hoodoos to be found. We were different but all of us were willing to hike and enjoy the views!

Turning around and seeing the beauty behind.... looking back at this moment now I realize how much I was running from the past.... even the best of the past.... it was too hard to remember with a key person being gone.

Together we explored and I was excited that I had taken this chance!

It was perfect timing. I was told that butterflies are the spirits of those lost looking out for you.

From strangers to this moment!

I have always been very lucky to have amazing and supportive people in my life, but after my Dad passed I felt lost. I knew I could go to them but I didn’t know how I needed them or how they could help. I was scared to feel more than what I was already feeling. Women Who Explore provided me with an opportunity to be out of my comfort zone without having the pressure to face my heartbreak....

With the pressure off and listening to other women open up, I started to let a little out. This started a journey to get back to being me while creating awesome memories and new relationships. Thank you #womenwhoexore

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