Women Who Explore

Scramble What?

So we embarked on an adventure! One that began a little after 2 AM. The road to Moraine was a wild one! “Tower of Babel,” they said! Originally, when I googled the hike... I thought that the Tower of Babel was in India so I kindly opted out of joining the group. Until, I realized it was actually in BANFF! So I packed the day pack and met the Women Who Explore group in the parking lot of Moraine.

Meet Marika! She grew up in Banff and has saved many lives on our adventurous hikes! She’s the reason that we continued up that giant rock pile! We love her so much!

There was a TV set... made out of rocks! How cool!?

We usually have some kind of dance party on our hikes... summit photo ops!

Meet Lauren! One of my best adventure pals! We were both holding back tears on this fear factor scramble!

These views will never get old!

And then Marika went swimming in the glacier water!!