Oh The Places I’ll Grow!

A Travel Autobiography #crestcontest

When I was a little girl, as little as could be...

My family fell through the seams & sadness stayed with me.

With little money, hopes or dreams, l braved the World & traveled... ••• It seemed the more I saw the World, the more my fears unravelled!

Japan, 2004

My healing journey started in Japan, 2004... It changed my life for good & it led to traveling more!

Mexico & Cuba were among the very first... My world kept expanding, but the sharks were the worst!!



was a mystical land that played a pivotal role...

It warmed my heart, inspired my mind...

& thoroughly fed my Soul.

Mount Sinai


Israel was a place I could finally rest my bones...

Dead Sea

...and hiking through Jordan awoke my inner-Indiana Jones!



I biked my way through Europe hitting every country on my way...

I ate & drank everything in site & saved this tower that day!

Piza, Italy



In the sweet desert heat, Sand Boarding

was the most epic in Peru...

Yet, hiking grave-robbed Inca remains , was a thoroughly morbid thing to do!


was the hike of my life, 4 days of pure altitude-sick conviction...

...I ended Peru in the Amazon where our friendship seemed pure fiction!

In 2017, I ventured Belize.. I dove in the ocean & flew through the trees!

Hopkins Landing


Caye Caulker


After all the adventures from Peru to Rome...

...when your sense of self is restored, there’s no place like home!

Only the beginning...

Adventure travel supplies sourced at www.mec.ca #crestcontest

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