5 steps

For serving wine

Savoring a good wine with friends or with your partner at home is a truly interesting and relaxing program and if you want to do it the best possible way just write down the steps you mustn't neglect.

Nectar of Gods

1. Temperature

The temperature of the wine is very important since it shouldn't be served neither too hot nor too cold. The aromas of the wine are evident at an optimum temperature that must be respected in order to taste the wine in the best possible way. Another rule is not to subject the wine to thermal shocks, seeking a gradual change in temperature. Refer to the label on the bottle for this information.

2. Purification

To prevent premature oxidation of the beverage, sulfites are added in some wines to guarantee their preservation. However, these sulfites are not necessary for consumption, so one way to remove them is to filter the wine using a specific accessory.

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3. Decating or Aering

Decanting wine is a simple process that involves passing the wine from the original bottle to a glass container called a decanter. In older wines, bottled for several years, it allows to separate the liquid from the sediments while in younger wines it allows to aerate the wine releasing its aroma by exposure to the air - aeration process.

4. Preserve

As soon as a bottle is opened the oxygen immediately begins to act on the wine's taste. So, in order to ensure the lowest oxidation possible, you should seal the wine as best as possible so that it can be preserved for a longer period. The vacuum pumps allows you to extract all the air from inside the bottle and thus ensure its good condition.

5. Cheese Board

Nothing like a good cheese board to accompany good wine. Try to incorporate different types of cheeses (hard, soft, etc.), nuts, jams and salty crackers.


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