Women Who Explore

Put 11 women in a place with adventures galore, magic is bound to take place. Whistler, BC provided the perfect place to getaway, explore and have a whole ton of fun in the process.

Our home away from home and outstanding vehicle writing.

Our first adventure took us to Brandywine Falls

Kika provided ‘The Floss’ lessons which provided priceless entertainment for all.

Magic always happens when Co-Founders and sisters, Lindsay and Jenny are on a getaway together.

Next stop Cheakamus Suspension Bridge.

How many women have a fear of suspension bridges? Grace does and she faced her fears with courage and support.

What to do when the sky is filled with a dense and overpowering layer of smoke?

Skip stones!

Have water fights.

And enjoy each other’s company.

We invite you to join your local group, come on a getaway, become a Women Who Explore Insider, lose yourself in a blog and be inspired to get outdoors and meet other awesome women. Share your adventures with us by using the hashtag #womenwhoexplore Photo credit: @leehorbachewski www.WomenWhoExplore.com

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