An Epic Canadian Roadtrip

brought to you by Teddi & Carrie

Once a year, my friend Carrie & I embark on an adventure. We've climbed mountains, toured cities, chased ghosts, & made memories that last forever. This year, we decided to venture North & visit the places that I'd only seen through my Instagram feed. So, onward! To Canada!

Like any good roadtrip, you must start off with the local beverages. (These need to come to the States. Like now.)

Banff was first on The List. The fog covering Lake Louise, masked the beauty that is so often shared, but it left a lot to the imagination. The views that I created in my mind were better than any picture could create.

We hiked up to a Tea House. Probably the best tea & biscuits I think I've ever had....and the views up, were pretty amazing too.

We played tourist in the afternoon. Waiting for the crowds that came out with the sun to clear before we headed to my most anticipated destination. Lake Moraine.

Lake Moraine did not disappoint. I was awestruck.

Off to Jasper! With ALL the smoke. The views of the Columbia Icefield felt more like Mars, than Canada.

Again, we thought we should taste the local beverages.

Wells Gray was next on the list. To see ALL the waterfalls.

We ended our Epic Canadian Roadtrip in Whistler. The drive there was amazing. We had one whole day with only a bit of a smokey haze & it was amazing.

I put a lot of miles on these boots throughout the week. They even sideshuffled me past a Mama Blackbear that was out & about.

We finished off meeting up with the ladies from Women who Explore. A perfect end to a perfect adventure. There were a lot of hugs (Fun Fact. Carrie doesn't like hugs. I forgot to mention there would be lots of hugs 😁) Lots of love & so many memories.

We're off on an adventure!

"Everyone needs that friend that says 'Get dressed! We're going on an adventure!'"

Happy Adventuring! ❤Teddi