Halmond and olive pesto

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It was a long time since I had made a pesto at home. last week I had advanced a bunch of basil, one of the last coming directly from the garden. With this bunch I told myself that I could make a homemade pesto, I wanted something different, I was undecided, then I saw that I had at home a jar of very good taggiasche olives that I wanted to use to make a cake. Then I told myself that these olives were perfect for a pesto, the license I had already made.

I did not have pine nuts in the house, but almonds. One moment and I told myself that almonds could also become protagonists of this recipe. Here I married a pesto with olives and almonds. I accompanied this sauce to the perfect pasta !. Lately I use only wholemeal pasta or spelled. I'm noticing that wholewheat pasta tastes better, keeps cooking better and is more porous so the sauce sticks better. Have you ever made a pesto with olives and almonds? If not, do not miss this recipe.

Ingredients: 100g peeled almonds 6 tablespoons of Taggiasca olives 1 bunch of basil 50g grated pecorino 100ml of olive oil #recipe very easy for 4 persons ready in 20minutes

Steps: Clean and wash the basil. Put it in the blender and chop it with almonds. Cut the olives into chunks and then blend them too. Add half the oil in the blender. Add the pecorino and lastly the rest of the oil and wire. If necessary a little water to stretch the sauce if too compact.

For Original recipe in Italian language click here

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