Jewel of the Caribbean

“Tropical the island breeze. All of nature wild and free. This is where I long to be.”

Madonna / La isla bonita


Harbour Island, also known as ‘Briland’ (harBouR IsLAND), was high on my buckelist. I longed to set foot on, shoot and write about this island since I stumbled upon photo’s of this Bahamian Out island, made by Annika von Holdt, about 4 years ago. Until last summer I didn’t expect I would visit it soon, bc it’s not the most logical place to fly to for Europeans. It takes a while to get there (= understatement).

The cutest towel house on earth!

But when my family and I decided to combine NYC and Florida in one trip, I knew immediately we had to include a few days on Harbour Island to our trip. It’s just a one hour flight away from Miami. So I decided it was the ideal place to wind down after being overwhelmed by the Big Apple and before we would immerse ourselves in Florida. And yes! Harbour Island was The Highlight of our summer and even exceeded our expectations. So come along with me and be amazed by her beauty and read my 5 Must Do’s. >>>

My 5 Must Do’s

1. Enjoy Pink Sand Beach! This stretched beach is the main attraction of the island. Google ‘Harbour Island’ and you’ll find photo’s of the pink sand. Some of these pictures are photoshopped too much, but you really can see a pink glow over the beach, caused by foraminifera. Especially when the light is not too bright you’ll witness it. The few resorts on the island are almost all located directly at that beach. We booked a room in elegant Coral Sands.

2. Explore Dunmore Town! Dunmore Town is the best break from surfing or reading a book under a parasol. I recommend you to book a golf cart beforehand. Golf carts are the preferred means of transportation. You are more likely to pass golf carts and hens with chicks on the streets than cars. Spot the cute pastel colored colonial wooden houses (how many adjectives can you use?) with porches, playing school kids in school uniform, fishermen on the jetties, the friendly locals chatting on a bench and the flora. Visit the Valentine’s Marina and the boho shops.

3. Spoil yourself with excellent food and drinks! Have breakfast and coffee at The Cacao House or at vegan Sweet Spot Cafe. Lunch at Sip Sip, Tom’s Bar at Coral Sands, or try a conch salad at Queen Conch. Have dinner outside under the cosy lights on the porch of The Landing or socialize inside in the New Orleans style dining room, while listening to jazz and blues. Visit The Dunmore with it’s marvelous garden, colonial interior and drink a cocktail in the lobby or on the patio.

Queen Conch

5. Capture the ‘lone trees’! Make pictures of the two beautiful ‘lone trees’ at the end of Bay street: one lies, the other one stands straight. These trees are often used in fashion shoots. The look of the trees vary with the time of day and tide.

5. Most important: Relax! Go with the flow of the tide, build a sandcastle, print your footsteps in the pink sand and remember how this island indulges your senses! Forever!

go with the flow

build a sandcastle

use your senses

leave your footprint


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