| 2018 |


Vanuatu isn’t my first foray into the South Pacific but it’s my most intrepid thus far! I recently had 9 days on two of the biggest islands of Vanuatu; Efate and Santo. Believe it or not there are 83 Islands in total, which means there’s plenty more to explore when I go back! 🌴🌴🌴

Most Australian’s are surprised to hear that Vanuatu is only a 2 1/2 hour direct flight from Brisbane!

But you’ll feel like you’re a world away!!

So here are a few of my top recommendations! 😍👉🏻

1. Head to the other islands! There’s 83 and so much to see and do. You might find your lodgings a bit more rustic but the experience is usually worth it!

We traveled to Nguna Island from Efate. It was a 30 minute drive from Port Vila followed by a 30 minute boat ride to the island. Both can be organized cheaply on the ground. We went specifically to hike to the top of the extinct volcano! You’ll get conflicting reports but it’s a roughly 30 minute drive to the bottom of the trail and 50 minutes hiking, allow longer if you want to enjoy the walk. 😂

2. If you’re having a few nights on Efate, and you don’t have the kids with you, treat yourself to a night at the Havannah! 😍💛🌴

The Havannah is an adults only luxury resort on Efate and it’s actually adorable! There’s loads of water based activities available and day trips can be organized. Don’t even get me started on the food and day spa! http://www.thehavannah.com

3. Go to Santo! Famous for its blue holes and coconut plantations I seriously loved the chilled out vibe and stunning views of Vanuatu’s biggest island!

We only had TWO NIGHTS! Not enough by a long shot. We stayed at the delightful Barrier Beach House, did a full day tour with “Cruising Safaris” to Malo Island and I also seriously loved my trip over to Freshwater Plantation on nearby Aore Island! I learned how chocolate is made!! 😱😱🍫🍫

4. Do a helicopter flight with Vanuatu Helicopters from Port Vila! They have flights as quick as 7 minutes but we did a 30 minute charter and saw so much of the gorgeous coastline of Efate! 😍

And so much more! I did the Lelepa Island day trip, cultural tours, had lunch at the Holiday Inn (which isn’t like any Holiday Inn you’ve seen before! 😱), visited Blue Holes and the Mele Cascades and checked out the Fire Show at Mele Beach. Next time I so want to go to Tanna to see the active volcano and experience Black Magic Tours! 😍😍

If you want to see more of Vanuatu make sure you follow their Instagram account: www.instagram.com/VanuatuIslands 🌴🌴🌴