A History of Horrible Halloween’s

By:Anna Cornell

October 31, or to most, Halloween, brings up happy memories and warm feelings. This however is not the case for me. All of my memories include freezing temperatures, and disappointment so here is a timeline of the most memorable of them all.

2010, I dressed as a hippie while the rest of my family dressed as famous football players. With a temperature high of 45 degrees and a low of 37 degrees my mother forced me to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath the tie die. Unfortunately the only shirt we found was red and it messed up the entire aesthetic of the costume.

2012, I decided to pull inspiration from Madonna. That year because it was 43 degrees fahrenheit I was only able to go trick-or-treating for about an hour. My feet were numb and I didn’t even care about the candy any more, all I wanted was warmth.

2013&2014 I dressed as Pokey, the side kick to Gumby, from the show Gumby. Both years it was pouring rain which caused me ruin my costume and my boots. The leg portion of the costume was ruined so much after the first year that for the second year I took scissors an cut the bottom portion of the legs off.

2016 I did not go trick-or-treating but I passed out candy with friends. Barely anyone showed for candy so my friends and I ate most of it. It was 45 degrees out and after an hour or two of sitting on the steps of my friends house we were too cold and brought the candy inside with us.

This past year (2017) I wore a kangaroo onesie to school in the spirit of Halloween but overheated all day due to the intense heat of the school. However, at night with overcast and a low of 37 degrees I froze down to the bones while walking from my car to my friends house all of which was maybe 300 yards. All weather information was found @timeanddate.com

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