Paros Island


Paros is....

one of the Cyclades, a group of Greek islands that includes Santorini and Mykonos. While Paros is not as famous as those two islands, it’s become more well-known in recent years. My husband and I travelled to the island for a couple of days this September to enjoy exploring its beautiful cities, hiking trails, and beaches.

One of the most beautiful places on the island is the village of Lefkes.

Lefkes is in the mountains in the interior of the island.

This quiet village was the medieval capital of the island....

So much bougainvillea!

We also visited the Cathedral of Agia Triada in the town’s main square....

And had a snack and a Greek coffee in a cafe overlooking the town.

After eating, we set off on a hike down the Byzantine Way...

The Byzantine Way.... the oldest and most famous path on the island. This stone path, which was constructed around 1,000 A.D., is about 3.5 kilometers long and takes about an hour to walk.

Walking downhill from Lefkes, we saw wonderful views of the Aegean ocean, the East coast of Paros, and the island of Naxos in the distance.

The Byzantine Way finishes in the quiet town of Prodromos, which has lots of beautiful bougainvillea.

In addition to hiking, we wandered around the port of Parikia.

People say that the town looks like Mykonos—only without the crowds!

Of course, like on any Greek island, there are lots of cats!

Paros also has some beautiful beaches—we especially liked Parasporos, which is within walking distance from the port.

Be sure to check out the interesting marble rocks on the beaches. Parian marble was used to make the Venus de Milo and Napoleon’s tomb.

Catching a movie at the open air theater near Parikia is another fun activity.

Useful Information

Paros is well-serviced by ferries. Rome to Rio can help you find a good route to the island. It’s easy to get around the island by bus. The bus schedule is posted online. Paros Hikes gives useful descriptions of different trails (including the Byzantine Way) around the island.