4,000 miles of Montana

In the spring of 2018 I set out to capture 4,000 miles of my home state of Montana. The goal was to highlight the unique diversity from the badlands of the east to the mountains of the west. Montana is divided into six unique tourism regions. This is my journey across them.

MISSOURI RIVER COUNTRY Northeast Montana (aka Missouri River Country) is home to vast prairies and Fort Peck Lake. The views seem to be endless, and the stars are ever so bright.

SOUTHEAST MONTANA This area of Montana is best known for its rugged badlands and the state’s hidden gem, Bighorn Canyon. I spent my three days between Makoshika State Park, the Terry Badlands, and Bighorn Canyon.

Makoshika State Park

YELLOWSTONE COUNTRY Montana’s south central region holds the three entrances to Yellowstone and is the region I call home. I spent my three days here between Gardiner, Paradise Valley, and my current home of Bozeman.

SOUTHWEST MONTANA Montana’s history region is where the west took shape. Pioneers set out looking for gold and set up towns as they began to find what they were after. Towns like Virginia City serve as living history to what life was like in this time.

Butte was once considered to be the richest hill on earth and the pursuit of copper makes it one of the most historical towns in Montana

GLACIER COUNTRY The north west region of Montana gets its name from Glacier National Park, but there is so much more to the region than just the park. I began my journey in Missoula before heading north to Thompson Falls, Libby, and Eureka!

Rattlesnake Wilderness just outside of Missoula

CENTRAL MONTANA The final region on my tour took me from the rugged Rocky Mountain Front to the plains between Great Falls and Lewistown.

Buffalo Jump State Park

How I felt after completing 4,000 in my home state over three weeks.

And that’s a wrap! A huge thank you to all the regions in Montana as well as @VisitMontana for supporting this journey. I hope you all enjoyed my entry into #epixtrip.

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