Panorama Mountain Resort

Women Who Explore

Fall is truly a magical time in the Rocky Mountains. Women Who Explore visited Panorama Mountain Resort for the “Colorful Summit Ridge Wall Series.” Three chairlift rides later we were ready to hike to Goldie Plateau and take in the beauty of this incredible place.

Chairlift #2

Once we passed through the heavy cloud cover, we were gifted with glorious sunshine.

Beginning the hike to Goldie Plateau.

Unlike most conifers, Golden Larch are deciduous. Their soft needles turn a brilliant golden yellow in the fall, attracting people from all over to witness the magical sight. The larches had just started to turn. Within a couple of days they will be a brilliant yellow, and then a couple of weeks will fall from the branches.

How wonderful to have my beautiful daughter join.

At times, many of us thought the uphill hike wouldn’t come to an end. And then we were there.

Not many restaurants can boast this as a lunch time view.

Women Who Explore Album cover.

Huge thank you to Panorama Resort for the goodies and for an amazing hike. All photos by Lee Horbachewski for Women Who Explore #GoExplore #StellerVerse #epiXtrip #canada #hellobc #womenwhoexplore