Bazaar Mayhem

All you need to know

Around 400 meters from Tangerang commuter station, the place is easier to reach on foot. If you drive car or motorbike, I suggest you to park before the gate. Especially at weekend from 5 to 12 pm, it's almost impossible for you to get your vehicle into the area of the bazaar.

This is what I'm talking about. See the tricycle and the motorbike facing each other in the street? They got stuck forever and annoyed everyone.

Basically, it's a Chinatown. However, with more and more people come to sell their foods there, it's more like a celebration of food aculturation. You can find any kind of cuisines.

This is my cousin stood up in front of automotive spare part sign inside a coffee shop. Interesting, isn't it?

I grabbed my phone quickly to take this video when I was enjoying my fried squid. I think this man played some Sundanese ethnic song.

When I was a child, I used to listen to a folklore played from the radio. Mang Jaya is the story teller. He's one of the surviving Sundanese story teller and writer until now. One of the nuance and setting that often told was the place of Cisadane, which was known for the bravest fighters in Sunda land in the time of Padjadjaran Kingdom. This market is exactly in the heart of Cisadane. That man who played the flute get me nostalgic back to the time I have never been, imagining what was the place like centuries ago.

This is the real "mayhem". Ever wonder eating the most extreme? From reptiles to primates, they sell animals like snakes, lizards, monkey, bats for dinner.

This epic dude; wearing loudspeaker and playing music loud to attract people (and annoy them with the level of noise he played). One of interesting job, people gives him penny for that.

Can you handle him?

He claimed that he has the best Sushi in this market. I can see from the line, but I was fascinated with the chef knife he was holding and cutting meat in his hand.

Vintage jazz for me to play in the coffee shop. This place gave me more surprise.

A man sat at the corner of an alley next to the coffee shop I was in. He was counting the penny he earned.

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