life update: duke moose

where am i now?

how are ya? i havent been on steller in far too long. but, it’s time to come back. - when i joined steller in 2015 i was a 14 year old kid with a dream of being a photographer & having an online presence. my specialty was wildlife photography and i had an itch for traveling. - since then, a lot has come about and i cant wait to update you!

i am now 17 i travel the world doing wedding photography & love every minute of it. a lot of that is thanks to my instagram (@dukemoose) which has expanded to a point beyond my belief. but, i have steller to thank for making my love for sharing my work almost an addiction.

i can still remember how giddy and ecstatic i was when steller reposted my first story - and i will never forget how it felt when i finally had a “k” after a number of followers. i felt on top of the world, and suddenly i realized that i loved having a community of people that enjoyed and appreciated my work. i wanted more and more and more, and hard work and dedication led me to being able to grow my audience.

i would be lying if i said i didnt miss wildlife photography a little bit. i loved being out in the wild, making connections and forming relationships with the animals. i had a book where i would write down every animal sighting a saw complete with the location, time & date. i still have that same connection with wildlife, but at some point with camera upgrades i had to make a decision between wildlife and weddings, and i’m sure you can conclude what the ultimate decision was.

i now spend my days editing, shooting, traveling, replying to emails, posting to social media, etc. its a non-stop work flow, but im thriving. i usually work 13 or 14 hours a day. - how do i do this at a young age? dont i go to school? - i get asked these questions everyday. i graduated high school 2 years early and immediately threw myself out into the world, discovering how to maneuver on my own.

it is hard. its crazy how many things i (still) cannot do because i am 17, and not just a few months or years older.

i always have had a love for canada, but my love and obsession with the country has grown and grown. - i would love someday to have dual citizenship between the us and canada. its a dream. - anyone who keeps up on my instagram knows that there is no place i love being more than that beautiful country.

thank you for taking the time to read about me, and whats going on in my life now. its hard to believe what has become all because of a small start on an amazing app named steller. - i scrolled down to my first story today and was amazed at how far ive come and how much has changed since then. - im hoping to rejoin the stellerverse & become more active here once again.



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  • Tinalouise

    Well done Duke 🙌🏻👌🏻👊🏻

  • coppernotes

    Hey Duke 👋🏻 cool to see you here again! Your photography has always been amazing, but even from the first wedding portraiture you shared here, you could see that you had a natural fit for this - you seemed to just put people at their ease and capture such natural moments. So well done on turning this into a career, and having the guts to just make the leap and live a creative life your way! 🙌🏻💫

  • mu2_muten

    At home

  • mombo

    Welcome back Duke! Great to see your love of photography guide you. Looking forward to@seeing more

  • aseachanges

    Oh my god, 11th photo is just perfect! 🙌🏻

  • kerrieturcic

    Love this! Love this community, too. Glad you are back!

  • ForHstrclCntxt

    Check out my latest post!

  • simone_wit

    Such a wonderful personal story! You achieved a lot already at a very young age. Respect for that! I wish you a happy future in which you do the things you are passionate about! Greets from The Netherlands! 👋🏻 Simone

  • sisiliadabs

    So inspiring!


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