Fourteen days exploring the real Vietnam

Your adventure starts in the vibrant city of Saigon, a bustling free market city where anything goes.

On day 2, ride to the Cu Chi tunnels. These tunnels were Viet Cong sanctuaries used by guerrillas as living quarters and escape routes.

Ride toward the coast on day 3 and to Dalat the next day. Along the way, you pass coffee and tea plantations, as well as flower gardens and sprawling pine forests as you reach higher elevations.

Cycle through Bidoup National Park on day 5, then take a boat to the tropical retreat of Whale Island.

Snorkel, relax, and swim on day 6.

You set off early in the morning on day 7 to the fishing village of Dai Lanh.

On day 8 and 9, enjoy the culinary delights in Hoi An before an epic ride over Hai Van Pass on day 10.

Explore the town of Hue by bike and boat on day 11 and cruise famous Halong Bay on day 12!

After two days in Halong Bay, your trip comes to a close in Hanoi with the legendary water puppet show.

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