Above Brienz, Switzerland


GIESSBACH Grandhotel

It was built in 1873/74. The spacious elegance of this bold new hotel site, as well as its unique surroundings, soon lead to worldwide renown. By the time WW1 broke out in 1914, the Grandhotel Giessbach had become the meeting point for high society. Emperors and kings, their entourages, statesmen, diplomats and celebrated artists spent their summers at Giessbach, drawing new strength from its peace, and exchanging society gossip and state secrets.

View from Hotel Terrace: Lake Brienz

Axalp is a clearing at 1535 metres altitude above the resort of Brienz. It can be reached by post bus or car in 35 minutes from the village. Axalp is ideally located for hiking in summer and skiing in winter.

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  • yanid

    What a wonderful place 😍😍

  • mombo

    Great photos..... you can get the feeling that winter is just around the corner

  • Jann1966

    Well, another week with up to 30°ahead... but yes, colors will change soon... and my camera is ready...


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