San Sebastián

one fine sunset

San Sebastián • Spain Sunset Love ☀️🌒 IG @caseylaraephoto

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  • mombo

    I love San Sebastián

  • caseylarae

    @mombo it is especially beautiful during summer

  • heikojahn

    Casey - My favorite in this story is page 6 - I like the color mix! 🍭@caseylarae

  • Leontine

    in July I was there, fantastic

  • mombo

    Spent 2 week’s there in June! Kids were in language school and had a great time!

  • caseylarae

    @heikojahn thanks for sharing! Me too, the colors are like candy 🍬🍭🍬🍭

  • caseylarae

    @Leontine I live here for now and every summer I fall in love with it again, winters are gray n wet but vale la pena 👌👌

  • caseylarae

    @mombo excellent 👍🏼👏

  • mombo

    It was a bit wet in June but still had a wonderful time. Stayed in a really cool apartment right on the river.


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