with love

cooking for husband

One of the pride of my life is how to cooking for my husband 💙 all of this menu he likes, and I am very grateful that he spent what I made with gusto.

this is indonesian cuisine that he love so much..this name 'bebek bumbu bali' main igredients use duck with seasoning Bali

he loves too all food with cooking deep fry 😅 this special one crunchy fried shrimp 🍤

first time I making crunchy fosh with green chili and blackpepper 🐟 I use kakap fish, this tekstur same with dory fish. I love it

this is all about snack 😂 i often makes snack but this just fried soya a.k.a tempe with fried cheese potato 🍟

this all about indonesian cuisine of course 😂😂

snack again...this is fried spinach...aaah my husband always happy snack like this 😌

if bored with rice we make this...spicy ramyoen with anything we have ehehe....so spicy, so hot, and sure is need some glass of ice tea 🍺

this name is kebuli rice, arabian food 🐪🐪

its just simple indonesian cuisine, vegetable red soup.. so freshly and my husband like it

just fried chicken 🐣🐤

deep fry calamary 🐙

this tradisional indonesian cuisine, my husband always happy if i make this...this name is Arem-arem, it seem like in japanese / korean food sushi/kimbab, but its different way 🍙

tradisional indonesian cuisine again...this name is Gudeg ,main igredient with young jackfruit, its special menu in indonesia town

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