If you saw my previous story you’ll know that July was a month of crazy beautiful sunsets. But it was also a month of exploring in Crail and Cambo Estate and at Kingbarns in Fife, and having beach walks down the east coast at Yellowcraig and the John Muir Country Park. There were local walks, including a walk one morning at Inveresk which was cut short because Harris was too warm to be outside. Indeed, the heat defined our experiences and walks in July - most days, it was too hot for Harris and Bracken to be out. We’re not used to that heat. So we headed to the beach when we could, making the most of the evening light.

Do you have favourite buildings? Buildings that you’ve seen over the years, and you’re always drawn to them... This is one of mine. This house is in the village of Crail in Fife’s East Neuk.

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