Island vibes

in New York City


What do you do when you are a huge lover of islands, your specialty is photography of islands and you travel to NYC??? Right! You search for that special island vibe: taste of freedom, wide space, splashing waves, a breeze, boats, mesmerizing light, beautiful views and poems in your head. So that’s what I did!

Maybe you wouldn't expect to find the island vibe in the city that never sleeps. The city known for her skyscrapers, yellow cabs, neon flickering lights and crowded streets. But wait and see.

Did you know that the biggest part of NYC is build on 3 islands?: Manhattan Island, Staten Island and Long Island. And there are so many more islands to explore, like Governers - and Coney Island. I only had time to explore Manhattan Island, but found the best way to make photo's of that special island vibe I was looking for: a cruise on the Hudson River during the golden hours! An enchanting experience! >>>

We were treated with the best weather conditions and sunset.

And gazed at beautiful wonderful spots at the quay >>>

Note: Even between the bricks of the city I found places that were surprisingly peaceful and calm, like in the Highline Park, Central Park and Brookfield Place.

Make sure you get on that Hudson River when you visit NYC. And inhale the island vibe!

This trip to New York City last summer was part of a longer journey: after NYC I flew to bohemian and remote Harbour Island - Bahamas and made a roadtrip through Southern Florida (Miami, Sanibel, Captiva and the Keys). These island stories will be published soon. I'll keep you posted!

THANKS for watching!

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