Arancini Siciliani

If travelling throughout Italy you will definitely enjoy some of the great street food that is on offer, most of it with historic traditional stories attached. Fried rice balls differ as we travel from Rome, down south and into Sicily. Supplì are traditionally found in Rome, the region of Lazio and then heading south you will find the Sicilian version, Arancini. Supplì, Arancino or Arancina are related and we could actually call them cousins. There are fundamental differences between the two but there is no denying that they are both so incredibly scrumptious and addictive when made well. They are eaten at any time of the day – often as a snack and not

The basic Arancino recipe is different from it’s Roman cousin. The rice is cooked in chicken or vegetable broth often with the addition of safron, hence the rice being yellow. You then prepare a meat sauce with tomatoes, the ragù with peas added. Arancini have a different shape, and are bigger than Supplì. When making Supplì, the rice is cooked in the ragù (a bolognese sauce if you like), and then a piece of mozarella is hidden in the centre. Both are then covered in breadcrumbs and fried.

The history and complete recipe for ARANCINI SICILIANI can be found here:

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