Red Mountain Resort

where adventure and inspiration meet

Just a 2-hour drive from Las Vegas to St. George, Utah and this 55-acre resort, basecamp to 6 national parks.

and adjacent to this secret playground with over 40 trails.

nature is the star here.

i came with my son to hike, align chakras, and find our spirit animals

we roared like zions in The Narrows.

and found our centers hiking the sacred spiral circle

and found the space between our thoughts

The resort opened in the 70s as "The National Institute of Fitness," and was all about boiled potatoes & deprivation.

now it has evolved from weight-loss to wellness

"the design today is to inspire guests to live healthier lives through adventure."

Tracey Welsh

let's wander

where the wifi is weak, but the spirits are strong

which way to the gin martini?

juniper bushes and berries aplenty

not everything is outdoors...

you can take classes in kundalini yoga, zumba, pilates, make-up application, ultimate barre, posture improvement, and drumming giant rubber balls (fun!).

my favorite class: the sound bath

we took the Lava Flow Trail to a Lava Tube, created by scoring molten rock from the last volcanic eruption

beware of these

early morning bike ride into the navajo sandstone

what makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well

natural fireworks at night

don't reinvent the wheel.. just realign it.

walker bangs

meals taken on the cool patio

well-earned desserts


"what draws us into the desert is the search for something infinite in the remote"

edward abbey

"do we have to leave?" asks the son

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