We have so much catching up to do. (I’m blaming my P.A. for being a whole month behind on Stories.) So, without further ado, this was our July. A hot month, with more sunsets than we’ve ever seen. With beach walks and even a beach picnic, right here, on a chunk of driftwood, before paddling as the sun set over the bay. July was a month of sniffs and sunshine.

we met our friends Pretzel...

and Rocket of @_dog_nanny

occasionally we sulked

and we snuggled.

until next month...

say hello.

#dogsofsteller #stelleruk

shot on iPhone

  • copperline

    Thank you for the share @Steller Mr @jordanfoy ☺️✨🐾

  • rg117

    Late you may be, but such good musings and great expressions make the anxious waiting always worthwhile.

  • copperline

    Ahhhh thank you @rg117 🙏🏻☺️ I’m glad you enjoyed this one! I still have to share my July... and both our Augusts... and a story from a trip to Northumberland. I have a quieter week coming up so I’m going to get stuck in!

  • finknottle

    I love this picture with Harris, looking for the sunset... I can look hour's and hours at it...

  • copperline

    Thank you @finknottle 🙏🏻 This is one of my favourite photos this year so far, and also one of my favourite moments - just to have this light, this calm evening and this sunset after a picnic on the shore overlooking the bay... these moments don’t come along often... ✨

  • Xinvey

    Lovely dog you have there 😍

  • kerrieturcic

    Page 10 is my favorite. :)

  • nancyforde

    Lovely! I’m briefly in UK (London from 9th for a bit). Hope you are keeping well. x

  • copperline

    Thank you for sharing this one @nancyforde 🙏🏻 Hope you have a wonderful time in London! I haven’t been down for years - I always mean to have a trip with Harris but it’s never happened. One day, maybe a spring trip when it’s cooler. Hope you have fun planned while you’re over on this side of the pond! x

  • copperline

    Thank you @Xinvey 🙏🏻 He’s a special little man to me 💞

  • copperline

    That’s a favourite bench on a favourite mews lane in Edinburgh @kerrieturcic We often pause here for a drink before heading on. Love this blue against the old stone wall ✨

  • kerrieturcic

    Was just in Edinburgh over the summer. Great city!

  • copperline

    It’s a beautiful city right @kerrieturcic and you saw it in probably the best summer of weather we’ve had for decades! Hope you had a great time ☺️✨

  • kerrieturcic

    I know. We are from Seattle and we were so hot! Haha.