endless war between water and rock

The Narrows, Zion

there are times when the rock weeps

and times when the river cries

but there is nothing virgin about this river

check the flash flood warnings first

then take the park shuttle to the last stop

set out on the mile-long river walk

don't be tempted by the sacred datura along the way. among the most poweful natural hallucinogens known to don juan

this canyon is trippy enough without any encouragement

suddenly, you are knee deep in schist

the sculpted walls are sinuous, sensual, warm and beckoning

the light pours from the rim and paints the sandstone canvas

no filters needed

the walls are 1000' high, and as narrow as 20'

mystery falls. from wence it flows, nobody knows.

if you venture beyond the rim, ewe might see these

look deep into the canyon, and you will understand everything better

walker bangs

playing the slots

it seems you can walk to infinity, and beyond

but always go upstream, in the direction of your dreams

until you reach the top, and there is no further you can go

then, alas, it is time to turn around and head home

yes, exhausting, but so worthwhile. the dream lingers.

at the end of the day, after the furious funnelling of water and stone, it all narrows down to... peace.

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    @richardbangs page 16 is my favourite 👍. This place is beautiful.

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    Awesome story and your commentary was cracking me uppp

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    Those 1,000 ft walls look incredible!! 😮

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    Fantastic story. Zion is on my list.

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    One day I'd love to make it to Zion! I really enjoyed reading your story. I love the personality in it. Also, now it's clear why it's so important to check the flash flood warnings! Don't want to get stuck between two walls of a canyon when that happens. Looks like an incredible trip!

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    One of my favorite places on the planet!

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    Nice story

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    Fought the same battle! 😉👌🏻

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    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Superb

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