Six days in a 4x4 rental car. One list of “off the beaten path” destinations I could not pronounce. A camera, map, Icelandic Sagas. My journey throughout the western half of Iceland, beginning in the southern coast of Vik to the northern port of Stykkisholmur. And, everything in between. This is Part One.

First, the flight over Greenland —->

ÍSLAND Part One. DYRHÓLAEY • VIK • REYNISFJARA Sunset, black pebble beach, basalt columns and lush, green meadows.


Hjörleifshöfði lies above the black lava volcanic outwash Mýdalssandur - it is named after the second settler of Iceland, Hjörleifur, who settled in this area in 874 AD but soon died in 875 AD as he was killed by his own slaves. It is said there is a curse placed upon the lands here.


This man made cave has two sections. One for storage and another for living. Legend has it, the man who lived in this cave was an evil troll or an evil chieftain - the people of the region decided to do away with him while he slept. Now, sheep and horses graze the fields.


Friðheimar Farms grows tomatoes all year round in a greenhouse. Due to Icelandic weather, I can see why this is the best option. During the afternoon, they offer unlimited tomato soup and twelve types of fresh bread served with cucumber salad, butter, sour cream and a basil plant on the table to garnish your soup. You dine in the greenhouse with a golden hue of light.

They also have horses...

Not all of Iceland mythology revolves around curses on lands and chieftains in caves. There are plenty of tales about trolls. In Fossatún, it’s a love story of how one decided to remain with her lover after he passed. As she was a troll and lived longer than humans, she decided to put her hand on her heart and waited for the sun to turn her into stone.

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