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Last great American whale

Lyrics from last great american whale by the late, great Lou Reed.


"The Last Great American Whale" takes place "off the Carolinas," with the whale conjured out of mythology to cause a storm that crushes the local jailhouse and frees a Native American chief incarcerated for murdering the racist son of the local mayor. It is the mammal's final act -- "some local yokel member of the NRA kept a bazooka in his living room." The whale's final cry echoes out of the amplifiers with brittle realism,before Reed unleashes some realism of his own, a damning indictment of modern society's least appealing hypocrisies.

Half of what you see

None of what you hear

Whale sightings

My mother said she saw him in Chinatown," muses Reed. "But you can't always believe your mother

“Above all else, to thine own selfie be true”


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