Paradise on the Great Barrier Reef

Heron Island

Have you dreamed

of being on a remote island? What about a remote island in the middle of the world’s most incredible coral reef? Heron Island is located in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, and is one of the coolest places we’ve ever been.

The island is teeming with incredible wildlife. From rays to sharks, plus an abundance of birds and sea turtles, Heron Island is a wildlife lover’s dream.

The Locals

February is prime time for watching baby turtles make their way to open water. Unfortunately, only 1 out of 1000 sea turtles survives to adulthood.

Sea turtles are creatures of habit - there is a good chance that the adolescent swimmer in this photo was once a hatchling on these very shores.

Scuba Diving

Let’s face it - if you want to scuba dive, the Great Barrier Reef is on your list. Good news! The waters around Heron Island are some of the clearest, calmest conditions for beginners!

With this being our first time diving since getting certified, we kept our underwater camera equipment light. We used a GoPro attached to 2 Lume Cubes plus a Flip4 filter. The setup was simple enough to capture the experience, while still allowing us to focus on the incredible nature around us.

Our Final Dive

We originally scheduled 5 dives for this trip. But due to changes in our flight schedule, we had a chance to get one last adventure. We were so fortunate to see a huge manta ray glide over a cleaning station for the first 5 minutes of the dive. Definitely our highlight of the trip!

If you don’t already have your certification, Heron Island offers scuba lessons. And if diving isn’t your thing, be sure to at least snorkel around the wreck!

After 4 days of nothing but blue skies, we got a moody, stormy setting on our final morning.

Thanks for reading my #epixtrip entry! Special thanks to the incredible dive staff at Heron Island. They made these first-timers comfortable in the water, and showed us amazing sights! @EpixTrip

Photos & Videos: Phil Navatsyk Courtny Jodon

Instagram: @philnavatsykphoto