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7 SR earthquake in Lombok and all of its aftershocks have shaken our hearts.

So many students and organizations in Bandung Institute of Technology that collected donation and logistics for the earthquake victims in Lombok. KMPA Ganesha ITB is one of them.

KMPA is a mountaineering club in Bandung Institute of Technology. We have collected 3 big sacks of clothes and more than 25 million rupiahs fundings less than a week.

We spent the money we have collected for buying logistics such as baby needs, tarpaulins, canned food, daily needs, and other logistics that needed by the earthquake victims.

And we brought them all the way from Bandung to Lombok.

Mas Aris, one of the founder of KMPA, with Mas Sigit, another KMPA alumni, wanted to make sanitation facility in the shelter. Me and other 3 KMPA members helping the children doing trauma healing through playing games, drawing class, and independence day celebration.

They ‘beautify’ their own shelter

It broke our heart how the earthquake cracked and knocked all of the houses down

But they can still smile!

We did our volunteering project in Lembah Sari Village, Batulayar Sub-district, West Lombok. From 14th-19th August 2018.

In search of water source for the sanitation facility.

The look of the first sanitation facility. This photo was sent to me by the local the day after we left Lombok.

While the adults were busy doing sanitation facility and stuffs, we were busy playing with the kids.

The kids were so excited when we asked them to draw and read books. Cos the school was postponed due to the earthquake.

It was 17th of august, we celebrated indonesia’s independence day.

Come on! You can get up from the earthquake, this seems easier for you to get up too!

The kids showing their gifts proudly.


“If a natural disaster strikes your community, reach out to your friends, neighbors, and complete strangers. Lend a helping hand.” -Marsha Blackburn-

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